Branding is a big part of your new studio. Not only is it what makes a memorable, lasting impression on your clients but it allows them to know what to expect from your services. The consistent use of your new brand will help it to become more and more recognizable and allow clients to know what to expect from your business. Read more on the psychology of brand consistency here!

Building your new business is made so much easier when you have a common, consistent look and feel. That is where a branding ‘board’ comes into play. It is a quick guideline to refer to your own business’ font, logo, exact matching colors, patterns, etc. A client quickly can scroll down their Facebook news feed or Instagram feed and visually remember bits and pieces of recurring themes. They see millions of different colors, fonts and logos all day without even realizing it. Are they going to remember your posts, ads, or images? A consistent ‘brand’ allows them to recall these images and words.

We customize this branding for you so you can easily refer to your own customized board when putting together a quick social media post.