Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does my business really need to be digital media savvy?

Don't miss the chance for the fastest growing marketing opportunities. We make it a point to know your audience, then we write keyword posts that address your specific business needs. We come up with a plan to be at the forefront of new media trends.
Your interaction online creates the trust in your brand.
Secondly, if it is proven that we can increases traffic, which will increase sales, then why wouldn't you want to be savvy?

2. Can't I just create my own Facebook page, why do I need to pay you to do something I can do on my own?

We create professional pages that are validated and tested. We go above and beyond what your competitors are accomplishing with their pages.

3. My niece says she's really good with social media why shouldn’t I just hire her? 

We professionally schedule content at peak periods for your business and analyze your unique business needs. We are the very best at what WE do, so you can be the very best at what YOU do.

4. Your prices are more reasonable than the competition, what's the catch? 

No catch, we are passionate about giving you the lead you need in your industry. Through our experience, we have become more and more efficient in how we work, this extra time on our hands gives you to the best prices around.

5. My business is doing just fine without social media, how can you help?

Just fine? We can improve many aspects of your social media following, and show you a predictive analysis of how you can improve your profitability in the short-run and long-run.

6. Can I purchase services on their own without the whole package offered?

We have built the best packages to purchase in order to ensure you are getting all your business can out of our services. However, if you feel the need to purchase an service 'a la carte' please feel free to contact us to discuss possible options.

7.  Are you able to instruct my staff on how to handle social media

We offer limited instruction on how to handle situations if your business requires your staff to deal with social media.

8. How long will it take to grow my business' following on social media?

The sooner you get started with our services the faster you can grow your following! Short term growth happens within the first month, but the long term growth will come with our consistency. Your business will be able to create raving fans that will follow your success.

A brief note about how Amplitude is run. First of all, we believe that cheap work is not very good-- and good work is not cheap. If you are looking to make a substandard choice please look elsewhere. If you are looking to make a smart choice, you have found the right place. Thank you for choosing Amplitude Social Media.